Ammo's DiGiTAL Art


Hello folks, here I am!

You'll find here some cool stuff, sooner or later, I think.
But for now, I have to do some other things in my Reallife (Remember: Reallife goes always first ... first of all!)

Now you wonder, why I Setup this site, right?

Okay, here's the my Answer:
I'll show here some of my digital art and other stuff, not only created by me (credits will always included, don't worry) and of cource links to friends websites, products and other great websites.

That is all for now.

Hope we'll see us in near future :>

At last but not least I want to thank my host for hosting this lil' webcrap =)
"A warm THX fly's out to UNTERGRUND.NET - Free hosting for the demoscene!"


Best regards Ammo

P.S.: I'm sorry for my (very) Bad English :(